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Plan Your Visit

BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT: The whole session is about you and your baby, we will do our best for you to be comfortable and to get the best images possible. We will do our part, but we need your help too!

Baby activities while pregnency

When Is Your Baby Most Active?

Please book your appointment at a time that you think that your baby would be awake and active. Although your baby may be active late in the evening or early mornings, there are things that you can do to help increase their activity for your ultrasound. Here are some suggestions: Drink orange juice, a cold beverage, a piece of candy or snack of your choice. Those of you who are diabetic find an alternative to sugary drinks & snacks.Avoid heavy meals before a scan, this can make the baby sleepy or lethargic. However, do not come in on an empty stomach either. We do not want you to become sick or feel week.

A quick exercise routine like a brisk walk, yoga or dance moves may help to get your baby active before a scan.

Stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated!

Hydrating during your entire pregnancy is very important. Most of the best 3D/4D images are created when there is an adequate amount of fluid, the fetus is in a good position, and the placenta is in a location that will not interfere with the fetal images. If you have not been consuming the recommended daily water intake from your doctor throughout your pregnancy, your ultrasound session may not be successful.


It is not advised to only drink plenty of water the day of your appointment. We recommend that you are hydrated throughout your pregnancy

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