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Ultrasound Services

We help to make your #firsthello magical.

Imagine sitting comfortably in a cozy, inviting space with your loved ones by your side, as you watch your baby move, stretch, and even suck their thumb on a high-definition screen. The memories you will create in that moment will stay with you forever. Not to mention, the experience can be a great bonding opportunity for your family, giving them a chance to connect with your baby before they even arrive.

2D Ultrasound Long Beach

2D Ultrasound

2D elective ultrasound is a traditional form of ultrasound that uses sound waves to create two-dimensional images of a fetus. This is a flat black and white image.

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Ultrasound Gallery

Catch rare moments of your baby opening their eyes, yawning, smiling, frowning, even see the strands of their hair! Or just stare in awe at your baby profile. The resemblance from inside the womb to the outside is amazing! Check out our gallery for a sample of the quality of images achievable.

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